Aquatic Ceremony

by Aquatic Ceremony

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released February 7, 2015

Matt Cooley || Guitar
Eric Glenn || Bass
Chad McHenry || Drums
Amy Fitzgerald || Vocals

Produced by Aquatic Ceremony

Recorded and mixed at Zoo Station Studios by Michael Zeoli
Art Direction and Layout by Michael Schmid and Aquatic Ceremony
Photography by Michael Schmid
Winston-Salem, NC || 2015




all rights reserved


Aquatic Ceremony Winston Salem, North Carolina

Aquatic Ceremony is a four piece collective on a journey of sonic and personal growth. We hope you'll join us!

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Track Name: Web
Your life is not a line
It is a web, and over time
It stretches and breaks
Although you give your best
Still you are weak and you need rest
So you sleep, wrapped up in your mistakes
And when you finally wake
I will be here to give or take
And then together we will spin the web again
Again, again

When your fingers weave with mine
When you're late, forget the time
Say something wrong
Or sing the perfect song

It may hurt
Or lift me high
To say hello
Or say goodbye
Within the pattern
Of the web that makes my life

And when we finally sleep
These threads are memories
That will keep us warm
Or wrap us up like a cocoon...
A cocoon...
Track Name: Spider
Spider resting on my window
Eating a mosquito
Crawling in my hair
His web glistens in the sunlight
Catches me as I am
Walking up the stairs

Someone asks if he can kiss me
Says he'll travel with me
To a distant land
Sighing gently in the silence
Am I seeking violence
Or an open hand?

Every blessing is a curse (repeat)

Black hair falling on my shoulders
Faces growing colder
I take off my shoes
Am I looking for admirers?
A reason to cry?
Or maybe just a muse...
Track Name: Baptism
I'm finished with my pity parties
All they do is make my heart
A bag I have to carry with both hands
And any time I open it, it grows
And it will only become heavier
When others understand

Yes, empathy exacerbates
It never can eliminate the pain,
it only takes away the shame
Knowing that they're also hurting
Makes me think it's fine to keep on
Carrying my burden just the same

It's time to let it go
It's time to let it go
And float away, float away...

I tossed the bag onto the floor
The latches burst where I was sore
My feelings now escape against my will
Now in place of empathy
You're witnessing a ceremony
Baptizing my sorrow with my thrill

It's time to let it go
It's time to let it go
And float away, float away, float away...

Track Name: Meditation
Silent voices in my head
Oh, will they plague me till I'm dead?
Or will I color them in
And ride upon the lines that bend
As each vibration carries me
Each breath a wave upon the sea
The moon that makes the rising tide
Is a hammock upon which I ride

Oh, I found a universe inside my soul (4x)

A creature jumps from tree to tree
Like thoughts across my synapses
The serpents hiss, the birds all sing
They are my voice, they are my wings
I soar across a desert now
I am the mouse, I am the owl
I dip my fingers in the sand
An ocean shore inside my hands

(Instrumental break)

Oh, I found a universe inside my soul (4x)

Each star is a raindrop frozen in time
I gaze at it and call it mine
It falls from the sky but the sun still shines
There's no outside there's no inside

Oh, the universe became my soul (4x)
Track Name: Canopic Jar
In the netherworld
There are curtains that hide the truth
Hands are tied behind them
Darkness covers our youth
Candles in the corners
Are not bright enough
Only lighting milestones
And not the whole of our love

So don't bury my heart
In a canopic jar
Then it can't follow
Wherever you are

In the netherworld
We lose control of our souls
No feet to walk a certain way
No eyes to open or close
While we're living
We decide our fate
But when the candle flickers out
We can only wait...

(Instrumental break)

So don't bury my heart
In a canopic jar
Then it can't follow
Wherever you are

Just because the future's known
Does that mean it's written in stone?
Track Name: Shadoworks
The fireworks are flaring
But I'd rather watch the shadows
Of the ones that used to be
They scratch the sky like spiders
Captivate me more than rainbows
Though their darkness makes them difficult to see

Still each new one illuminates the remains of the last
Sometimes we need the present to help us see the past

Whenever I walk by
I tend to light up the sky
I ascend, then I burst and explode
All their eyes are on me
They ooh me and ahh me
But the moment that I fizzle out, they go
There they go

I'm too exhausted to excite them
Too reserved to invite them
Our embraces become waves
Our memories become graves

I'm left with shadoworks, only shadoworks...


Still each new one illuminates the remains of the last
Sometimes we need the present to help us see the past

I'm left with shadoworks, only shadoworks
Shadoworks, only shadoworks...